“For us conductive education was far more than a therapy it was a new way of life. After first experiencing a 5 week conductive education program for the first time in 2010 (when our daughter was 2) we knew it was what we needed to make a part of her daily life to encourage independence as well as build her strength and endurance. CE isn’t easy but it is life changing and we have moved our whole family to make sure that our daughter never has to go without it ever again. Csilla was Deanna’s conductor while at the Conductive Education Center of Orlando and she changed CECO while being there bringing special programs and pushing our kids to do more and more. She really believes that all things are possible and would have us performing things with our kids that we never thought they would do. Csilla has become a permanent part of family and we appreciate all the contributions she has made to our daughters successes over the years.”
– Damien C.
  “To me, conductive education is a lifestyle. It is a way for a child to fully participate in their life and in the world, and I have seen the joy that comes from reaching a higher level of independence. Csilla’s passion as a conductor is a key part in helping kids reach that new level of independence. Working with her was a lesson in what dedication and expertise can accomplish. She used creativity, support, and encouragement to push the kids every single day. She truly loves her profession and the kids she works with, and is an exemplary conductor because of it! 
– Mallory V.
Lead program assistant