My name is Csilla Tombor, I’m from Hungary. I like to explore the world, travel a lot and get to know other cultures and see the world from a different perspective. I like to do different kind of activities mostly in the nature. I think creativity is a great skill, and that it can make everything more enjoyable. Humour, music, games and fun is necessary in life, because we need to like what we do. And we need to do what we like. Do it with passion, and do it always. 

How did I become a conductor?

I met with different kind of special need kids in my very early ages, through my mom, who was the lead of an organisation for families with disabled kids. I was part of the group as a child, and got into close connection with the other kids very quickly. I felt very honest and deep emotions when i was with them and it was an extremely good feeling. Therefore I knew immediately that our way will continue in the future.

Education and references

I graduated from the International Peto Institute in Hungary as a conductor with kindergarten teacher specialisation.

Throughout the four year of studies from the very first day i’ve been working with kids from various ages, with different disabilities (tetraparesis sp, diplegia, hemiplegia, atethosis, spina bifida, SMA) and have experienced various types of settings (individual-, group setting, intensive-, year round program). I’ve learned directly from experienced conductors in practice and the methodology simultaneously.

During my studies i started a chess group for kids, from age 5 to 7.

Ever since i graduated i’ve been working in various settings around the world (Germany, England, USA, Switzerland)

I started working as a conductor in the home institute (International Peto Institute) and was working for three years with kinder garden age.

During this period i was asked to travel to the USA (Grand Rapids- Michigan Conductive Learning Centre) several times and i was responsible to create their program weather it was summer camp or school year class.

After this time, i moved to Florida where i was working in CECO (Orlando Florida Conductive Education Centre of Orlando) where i’ve been working as a conductor cooperating with special educational teachers. I was responsible for two group of 6-7 children’s conductive program.

Currently I’m living in Switzerland and working as a traveling conductor, offering individual and small group sessions throughout the year.

How do i work?

I am passionate about my job. I have high expectations towards myself so as i have it towards to my clients. It is a teamwork between the kids/adults and me and including the family as well. We need to set up our goals together – in case of kids including the parents- and agree on what we are going to work on. I like to challenge myself, and develop a hard working attitude in others, what says: “I can do it. I will do it. I want to do it. I try and do my best, and if i fail, i try again, harder. But never give up”. I know it from experience, that with hard work, and persistence it is possible to achieve the goals.

At the same time hard work also should be fun. Humour and games are necessary for everybody doesn’t matter what age are we talking about. When one is enjoying what he is doing, it is hard to even realise how hard work is that.

I truly believe, that with creative thinking one can find different ways to the same problem. This is an extremely important skill in a life of a person/family who has special needs.

We never give up, there is always a next step, what we can take.

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you reach them.”